Class Descriptions

All classes are limited to a maximum of 4 students per session. All pilates classes are organized by skill level and may incorporate any number of apparatus available at the studio at your instructor’s discretion. (Check out our equipment on the “Our Studio” page.) It is highly recommended that all new students begin their pilates journey with a few private sessions in order for the instructor to evaluate your skill level and needs, and also to acquaint the truly-new students to the pilates repertoire and equipment. These preliminary sessions set both student and the teacher up for success! Private sessions are also the best place to address any specific needs or concerns (i.e. previous injuries or issues) to ensure that students experience the safest and most effective workout for your body.

Pilates Foundations :

A foundational order introduces principals and key concepts of the pilates system that teaches healthy movement. The body is introduced to basic movement patterns which are necessary for safe progression to the intermediate system. Limit 4 to a class.

Pilates Intermediate I :

Intermediate 1 system expands the foundational order; more complex movement patterns are introduced including twists and inversions. The intermediate order has an explosion of repertoire challenging the mind and the body with speed, tempo, rhythm and stamina. Limit 4 to a class.

Pilates Intermediate II :

Movement patterns challenge more of the nervous system, proprioception, balance and control.  Flow is increased as well as opportunities for a deeper mind body connection.  This level will focus on movement themes that advance the right and left side of the core. This level is ideal for healthy bodies to increase the center thread that promotes functional movement throughout.

Pilates Spine Corrector :

These barrels were created with the primary purpose to correct spinal alignment and improve posture. You will discover stability and control by using movements that open the chest, strengthen the core, lengthen and align the spine, increase flexibility in the hips and assist and challenge leg alignment and placement. Limit 4 to a class.

Barre :

This ballet-inspired class is performed at the barre incorporating elements of ballet, Pilates and functional training set to music to keep you motivated through the muscle burn. Barre classes help you lengthen, strengthen and tone your muscles to produce that sought-after dancer look. Limit 4 to a class.

Adult Ballet :

This class will help you discover muscles you didn’t even know you had and rediscover those you may have forgotten. Using the Vaganova syllabus we will create long, strong, sculpted bodies. Limit 4 to a class.