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Karry Orelup


Karry is the owner and head instructor at Becoming Balanced. She received her Pilates instructor training from Physical Minds, as well as Peak Pilates, where she received her comprehensive instructor certification and has been teaching since 2005. A graduate of Butler University, she received two bachelors degrees in dance and fashion merchandising. She has been teaching Pilates and Ballet at the Torrington School of Ballet and Nutmeg Conservatory for the Arts, and as an adjunct faculty member in the Dance Department at Naugatuck Valley Community College for over 7 years. Karry continues to further her knowledge by obtaining certifications in Buff Bones, Yamuna Body Rolling, Body Art, Zumba Gold, CARDIOLATES®, and attending workshops with respected Pilates masters such as Mejo Wiggin, Clare Dunphy, Michael Fritzke & Ton Voogt, Ana Caban, Andrea Maida, Shawn Gallagher and Mary Bowen. Perhaps her most impressive qualification as a “teacher” are her 8 children that she has and continues to home school. A word from Karry: You deserve to get the most out of life. In order to do this, you need to have a healthy body, a clear mind and a soaring spirit. I look forward to meeting you in the near future! To your health, Karry


Abi has been practicing Pilates more than seven years and is a fully Comprehensive Certified Peak Pilates® instructor. She is passionate about teaching Pilates as a system and has completed MeJo Wiggin’s The Classical Syllabus®. Abi is constantly continuing her Pilates education to be ready to work with chronic pain to sport performance and everything in-between. Abi is Buff Bones® certified and passed her Pilates Method Alliance® test last November.


Sol has been teaching at Becoming Balanced since 2013. Sol is a Comprehensive Certified Peak Pilates® Instructor. She started as an AFAA Certified Aerobics Instructor and taught aerobics, fitness classes and managed a studio for many years. A life long fitness enthusiast, she works with dedication and commitment to encourage her clients to perform at their best. Sol first discovered Pilates on the mat where she practiced as a student for over 10 years. Sol offers Pilates classes in both English and Spanish.


Lindsay Hansen is a Comprehensively Certified Peak Pilates instructor. She has been teaching Pilates at Becoming Balanced since 2011. Lindsay continuously shares her passion for healthy movement practices throughout the community. She is a also a full time Dance Educator for Hartford Public Schools.

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